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Phineas Banning excavated a channel out of the mud flats of San Pedro Bay leading to Wilmington in Banning had already laid track and shipped in locomotives to connect the port to the city.

Harrison Gray Otis , founder and owner of the Los Angeles Times , and a number of business colleagues embarked on reshaping southern California by expanding that into a harbor at San Pedro using federal dollars.

This put them at loggerheads with Collis P. The "Big Four" are sometimes numbered among the " robber barons " of the Gilded Age.

In April , John G. The 6,foot-long railroad tunnel 2, More than 1, mostly Chinese laborers took part in the tunnel construction, which began at the south end of the mountain on March 22, Many of them had prior experience working on Southern Pacific's located tunnels in the Tehachapi Pass.

Due to the sandstone composition of the mountain that was saturated with water and oil, frequent cave-ins occurred and the bore had to be constantly shored up by timbers during excavation.

The initial location for the north end of the tunnel near Newhall was abandoned due to frequent cave-ins caused by oil-soaked rock.

The north end of the tunnel excavation commenced in June Water was a constant problem during construction and pumps were utilized to keep the tunnel from flooding.

Workers digging from both the north and south ends of the tunnel came face to face on July 14, The bores from each end were only a half inch out of line with dimensions of 22 feet 6.

Track was laid in place soon after the tunnel dig was completed and the first train passed through on August 12, The San Pedro forces eventually prevailed though it required Banning and Downey to turn their railroad over to the Southern Pacific.

Work on the San Pedro breakwater began in and was finished in Otis Chandler and his allies secured a change in state law in that allowed Los Angeles to absorb San Pedro and Wilmington, using a long, narrow corridor of land to connect them with the rest of the city.

Hellman purchased five trolley lines, consolidated them into the Los Angeles Railway the 'yellow cars' and two years later founded the Pacific Electric Railway the 'red cars'.

At its peak, the Pacific Electric was the largest electrically operated interurban railway in the world. Oil was discovered by Edward L.

Doheny in , near the present location of Dodger Stadium. The Los Angeles City Oil Field was the first of many fields in the basin to be exploited, and in and , respectively, the Beverly Hills Oil Field and Salt Lake Oil Field were discovered just a few miles west of the original find.

At the same time that the L. Times was whipping up enthusiasm for the expansion of Los Angeles it was also trying to turn it into a union -free or open shop town.

The California labor movement, with its strength concentrated in San Francisco, had largely ignored Los Angeles for years. It changed, in , however, when the American Federation of Labor decided to challenge the open shop of "Otis Town.

In , the city fathers placed a ban on free speech from public streets and private property except for the Plaza. Locals had claimed that it had been an Open Forum forever.

The area was of particular concern to the owners of the L. This conflict came to a head with the bombing of the Times in A meeting was hastily called of the Chamber of Commerce and Manufacturers Association.

At the same time the McNamara brothers were awaiting trial, Los Angeles was preparing for a city election. Job Harriman, running on the socialist ticket, was challenging the establishment's candidate.

Harriman's campaign, however, was tied to the asserted innocence of the McNamaras. But the defense was in trouble: On December 1, , four days before the final election, the McNamaras entered a plea of guilty in return for prison terms.

Encountering resistance, the police waded into the crowd attacking them with their clubs. One citizen was killed. In the aftermath, the authorities attempted to impose martial law in the wake of growing protests.

Seventy-three people were arrested in connection with the riots. The City Council introduced new measures to control public speaking.

The Times scapegoated all foreign elements even calling onlookers and taco vendors as "cultural subversives. The open shop campaign continued from strength to strength, although not without meeting opposition from workers.

By , the Industrial Workers of the World had made considerable progress in organizing the longshoremen in San Pedro and led approximately 3, men to walk off the job.

With the support of the L. Times , a special "Red Squad" was formed within the Los Angeles Police Department and arrested so many strikers that the city's jails were soon filled.

Some 1, dock workers were corralled in a special stockade in Griffith Park. Times wrote approvingly that "stockades and forced labor were a good remedy for IWW terrorism.

The strike was defeated. Los Angeles developed another industry in the early 20th century when movie producers from the East Coast relocated there.

These new employers were likewise afraid of unions and other social movements: MGM produced fake newsreel interviews with whiskered actors with Russian accents voicing their enthusiasm for EPIC, along with footage focusing on central casting hobos huddled on the borders of California waiting to enter and live off the bounty of its taxpayers once Sinclair was elected.

At first devoted to regional merchandise such as sportswear, the industry eventually grew to be the second largest center of garment production in the United States.

The immigrants arriving in the city to find jobs sometimes brought the revolutionary zeal and idealism of their homelands. The Socialists were the first to set up a soapbox in the Plaza, which would serve as the location of union rallies and protests and riots as the police attempted to break up meetings.

Unions began to make progress in organizing these workers as the New Deal arrived in the s. An influential strike was the Los Angeles Garment Workers Strike of , one of the first strikes in which Mexican immigrant workers played a prominent role for union recognition.

The unions made even greater gains in the war years, as Los Angeles grew further. Today, the ethnic makeup of the city and the dominance of progressive political views among its voters have made Los Angeles a strong union town.

However, many garment workers in central LA, most of whom are Mexican immigrants, still work in sweat shop conditions.

The Los Angeles River flowed clear and fresh all year, supporting 45 Gabrielino villages in the area. The source of the river was the aquifer under the San Fernando Valley , supplied with water from the surrounding mountains.

The rising of the underground bedrock at the Glendale Narrows near today's Griffith Park squeezed the water to the surface at that point.

The area also provided other streams, lakes, and artesian wells. Early settlers were more than a little discouraged by the region's diverse and unpredictable weather.

They watched helplessly as long droughts weakened and starved their livestock, only to be drowned and carried off by ferocious storms.

During the years of little rain, people would build too close to the riverbed, only to see their homes and barns later swept out to sea during a flood.

The location of the Los Angeles Plaza had to be moved twice because of previously having been built too close to the riverbed.

Worse, floods would change the river's course. A fierce storm in diverted its course to Long Beach, where it stays today.

Early citizens could not even maintain a footbridge over the river from one side of the city to the other. The first storm to come along dislodged the bridge, used it as a battering ram to break through the embankment, and scattered its timbers all the way to the sea.

On April 5, , a rain gauge in the San Gabriels collected one inch in one minute. In February , almost a foot of rain fell in 24 hours, and, in one blast, an inch and a half in five minutes.

This storm caused massive debris flows throughout the region, one of them unearthing the corpses in the Verdugo Hills Cemetery and depositing them in the town below.

Another wiped out the small town of Hidden Springs in a tributary of the Big Tujunga River , killing 13 people. The greatest daily rainfall recorded in California was Wilson in the San Gabriel Mountains.

Forty-five others reported 70 percent of the average annual rainfall in two days. Quibbling between city and county governments delayed any response to the flooding until a massive storm in flooded Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

The federal government stepped in. To transfer floodwater to the sea as quickly as possible, the Army Corps of Engineers paved the beds of the river and its tributaries.

The Corps also built several dams and catchment basins in the canyons along the San Gabriel Mountains to reduce the debris flows. It was an enormous project, taking years to complete.

Today, the Los Angeles River functions mainly as a flood control. A drop of rain falling in the San Gabriel Mountains will reach the sea faster than an auto can drive.

The drilling of wells and pumping of water from the San Fernando Valley aquifer dried up the river by the s. By , the aquifer was supplying drinking water for , people.

In that year, it was discovered that the aquifer had been contaminated. Many wells were shut down, as the area qualified as a Superfund site.

For its first years, the Los Angeles River supplied the town with ample water for homes and farms. It was estimated that the annual flow could have support a town of , people—if the water had been managed right.

But Angelenos were among the most profligate users of water in the world. In the semi-arid climate, they were forever watering their lawns, gardens, orchards, and vineyards.

Later on, they would need more to support the growth of commerce and manufacturing. By the beginning of the 20th century, the town realized it would quickly outgrow its river and need new sources of water.

Legitimate concerns about water supply were exploited to gain backing for a huge engineering and legal effort to bring more water to the city and allow more development.

It was a permanent stream of fresh water fed by the melted snows of the eastern Sierra Nevada. It flowed through the Owens River Valley before emptying into the shallow, saline Owens Lake , where it evaporated.

Sometime between and , Harrison Gray Otis and his son-in-law successor, Harry Chandler , engaged in successful efforts at buying up cheap land on the northern outskirts of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley.

Lippencott, of the United States Reclamation Service. Lippencott performed water surveys in the Owens Valley for the Service while secretly receiving a salary from the City of Los Angeles.

Lippencott then resigned from the Reclamation Service, took a job with the Los Angeles Water Department as assistant to Mulholland, and turned over the Reclamation Service maps, field surveys and stream measurements to the city.

Those studies served as the basis for designing the longest aqueduct in the world. By July , the Times began to warn the voters of Los Angeles that the county would soon dry up unless they voted bonds for building the aqueduct.

Artificial drought conditions were created when water was run into the sewers to decrease the supply in the reservoirs and residents were forbidden to water their lawns and gardens.

With this money, and with a special Act of Congress allowing cities to own property outside their boundaries, the City acquired the land that Eaton had acquired from the Owens Valley farmers and started to build the aqueduct.

On the occasion of the opening of the Los Angeles Aqueduct on November 5, Mullholland's entire speech was five words: Hollywood has been synonymous worldwide with the film industry for over a hundred years.

It was incorporated as the City of Hollywood in but merged into LA in In the s movie makers from New York found the sunny, temperate weather more suitable for year-round location shooting.

It boomed into the cinematic heart of the United States, and has been the home and workplace of actors, directors and singers that range from small and independent to world-famous, leading to the development of related television and music industries.

Swimming pool desegregation An end to racial segregation in municipal swimming pools was ordered in summer by a Superior Court Judge after Ethel Prioleau sued the city, complaining that she as a Negro was not allowed to use the pool in nearby Exposition Park but had to travel 3.

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum , which had opened in May, with a seating capacity of 76,, was enlarged to accommodate over , spectators for Olympic events.

It is still in use by the USC Trojans football team. Olympic Boulevard , a major thoroughfare, honors the occasion. Griffith Park Fire A devastating brush fire on October 3, , killed 29 and injured another workers who were clearing brush in Griffith Park.

The original city limits are visible even today in the layout of streets that changes from a north-south pattern outside of the original land grant to a pattern that is shifted roughly 15 degrees east of the longitude in and closely around the area now known as Downtown.

The first large additions to the city were the districts of Highland Park and Garvanza to the north, and the South Los Angeles area.

In , the approval of the Port of Los Angeles and a change in state law allowed the city to annex the Shoestring , or Harbor Gateway , a narrow and crooked strip of land leading from Los Angeles south towards the port.

Also added that year was Colegrove, a suburb west northwest of the city near Hollywood; Cahuenga , a township northwest of the former city limits; and a part of Los Feliz was annexed to the city.

The opening of the Los Angeles Aqueduct provided the city with four times as much water as it required, and the offer of water service became a powerful lure for neighboring communities.

The city, saddled with a large bond and excess water, locked in customers through annexation by refusing to supply other communities.

Harry Chandler, a major investor in San Fernando Valley real estate, used his Los Angeles Times to promote development near the aqueduct's outlet.

Most of the annexed communities were unincorporated towns but ten incorporated cities were consolidated into Los Angeles: The downtown business interests, always eager to attract business and investment to Los Angeles, were also eager to distance their town from the criminal underworld that defined the stories of Chicago and New York.

In spite of their concerns, massive corruption in City Hall and the Los Angeles Police Department LAPD —and the fight against it—were dominant themes in the city's story from early 20th-century to the s.

In the s, for example, it was common practice for the city's mayor, councilmen, and attorneys to take contributions from madams, bootleggers, and gamblers.

The top aide of the mayor was involved with a protection racket. Thugs with eastern-Mafia connections were involved in often violent conflicts over bootlegging and horse-racing turf.

The mayor's brother was selling jobs in the LAPD. In , the new mayor Frank Shaw started giving out contracts without competitive bids and paying city employees to favor crony contractors.

The city's Vice Squad functioned citywide as the enforcer and collector of the city's organized crime, with revenues going to the pockets of city officials right up to the mayor.

In , the owner of downtown's Clifton's Cafeteria , Clifford Clinton led a citizen's campaign to clean up city hall.

He and other reformers served on a Grand Jury investigating the charges of corruption. In a minority report, the reformers wrote:.

A portion of the underworld profits have been used in financing campaigns [of] The police Intelligence Squad spied on anyone even suspected of criticizing the police.

The police became so nervous that the Intelligence Squad blew up Raymond's car and nearly killed him. The public was so enraged by the bombing that it quickly voted Shaw out of office, one of the first big-city recalls in the country's history.

The head of the intelligence squad was convicted and sentenced to two years to life. Police Chief James Davis and 23 other officers were forced to resign.

Fletcher Bowron replaced Shaw as mayor in to preside over one of the most dynamic periods in the history of the city. In , he appointed William H. Parker as Chief of Police.

Parker pushed for more independence from political pressures that would enable him to create a more professionalized police force.

The public supported him and voted in charter changes that isolated the police department from the rest of government.

Through the s, the LAPD was promoted as one of the most efficient departments in the world. But Parker's administration would be increasingly charged with police brutality —resulting from his recruiting of officers from the South with strong anti-black and anti-Mexican attitudes.

Reaction to police brutality resulted in the Watts riots of and again, after the Rodney King beating, in the Los Angeles riots of Charges of police brutality dogged the Department through the end of the 20th century.

In the late s, as a result of the Rampart scandal involving misconduct of 70 officers, the federal government was forced to intervene and assumed jurisdiction of the Department with a consent decree.

Police reform has since been a major issue confronted by L. Social critic Mike Davis has recently argued that attempts to "revitalize" downtown Los Angeles decreases public space and further alienates poor and minority populations.

This enforced geographical separation of diverse populations goes back to the city's earliest days. Mines Field opened as the private airport in and the city purchased it to be the municipal airfield in In the airlines were all at Burbank except for Mexicana's three departures a week from Glendale; in late most airline flights moved to LAX, but Burbank always retained a few.

Since then the story of LAX has been relentless expansion and the spinoff of hotels and warehouses nearby. During World War two, Los Angeles grew as a center for production of aircraft, war supplies and ammunitions.

Thousands of people, both blacks and whites, from the South and the Midwest migrated to the West to fill factory jobs. After President Roosevelt issued Executive Order , which authorized military commanders to exclude "any or all persons" from certain areas in the name of national defence, the Western Defense Command began ordering Japanese Americans living on the West Coast to present themselves for "evacuation" from the newly created military zones.

This included many Los Angeles families. After the war, hundreds of land developers bought land cheap, subdivided it, built on it, and got rich.

Real-estate development replaced oil and agriculture as Southern California's principal industry. In , Walt Disney opened the world's first theme park at Disneyland in Anaheim.

The population of California expanded dramatically, to nearly 20 million by This was the coming-of-age of the baby boom. By , Los Angeles was an industrial and financial giant created by war production and migration.

Los Angeles assembled more cars than any city other than Detroit , made more tires than any city but Akron , made more furniture than Grand Rapids , and stitched more clothes than any city except New York.

In addition, it was the national capital for the production of motion pictures, Army and Navy training films, radio programs and, within a few years, television shows.

Construction boomed as tract houses were built in ever expanding suburban communities financed by the GI Bill for veterans and the Federal Housing Administration.

These reflected the Californian promise of easy living in a paradisiacal climate. The surfing culture burgeoned.

Los Angeles continued to spread out, particularly with the development of the San Fernando Valley and the building of the freeways launched in the s.

When the local street car system went out of business, Los Angeles became a city built around the automobile, with all the social, health and political problems that this dependence produces.

The famed urban sprawl of Los Angeles became a notable feature of the town, and the pace of the growth accelerated in the first decades of the 20th century.

The San Fernando Valley , sometimes called "America's Suburb", became a favorite site of developers, and the city began growing past its roots downtown toward the ocean and towards the east.

The immense problem with air pollution smog that had developed by the early s also caused a backlash. With schools being closed routinely in urban areas for "smog days" when the ozone levels became too unhealthy and the hills surrounding urban areas seldom visible even within a mile, Californians were ready for changes.

Over the next three decades, California enacted some of the strictest anti-smog regulations in the United States and has been a leader in encouraging nonpolluting strategies for various industries, including automobiles.

As a result, smog is significantly reduced from its peak, although local Air Quality Management Districts still monitor the air and generally encourage people to avoid polluting activities on hot days when smog is expected to be at its worst.

Beginning November 6, , Los Angeles suffered three days of destructive bush fires. Despite this, few changes were made to the building codes to prevent future losses.

The repeal of a law limiting building height and the controversial redevelopment of Bunker Hill, which destroyed a picturesque though decrepit neighborhood, ushered in the construction of a new generation of skyscrapers.

It was surpassed by the Library Tower now called the U. Outside of Downtown, the Wilshire Corridor is lined with tall buildings, particularly near Westwood.

Century City, developed on the former 20th Century Fox back lot, has become another center of high-rise construction on the Westside. During the latter decades of the 20th century, the city saw a massive increase of street gangs.

At the same time, crack cocaine became widely available and dominated by gangs in the s. Although gangs were disproportionately confined to lower-income inner-city sections, fear knew no boundaries citywide.

Since the early s, the city saw a decrease in crime and gang violence with rising prices in housing , revitalization , urban development , and heavy police vigilance in many parts of the city.

A subway system, developed and built through the s as a major goal of mayor Tom Bradley , stretches from North Hollywood to Union Station and connects to light rail lines that extend to the neighboring cities of Long Beach , Norwalk , and Pasadena , among others.

Although the regional transit system is growing, subway expansion was halted in the s over methane gas concerns, political conflict, and construction and financing problems during Red Line Subway project, which culminated in a massive sinkhole on Hollywood Boulevard.

As a result, the original subway plans have been delayed for decades as light rail systems, dedicated busways, and limited-stop "Rapid" bus routes have become the preferred means of mass transit in LA's expanding series of gridlocked, congested corridors.

Since its beginning, the city was geographically divided by ethnicity. In the s, Los Angeles was the location of the first restrictive covenants in real estate.

More and more, they found themselves excluded from the suburbs and restricted to housing in East or South Los Angeles, Watts , and Compton.

Such real-estate practices severely restricted educational and economic opportunities. By the s, the fair housing conflict of California would evolve into a collision of legislative action, racial backlash, and judicial ruling: Reitman before the Supreme Court of California, and Reitman v.

Mulkey before the Supreme Court of the United States. These events explicitly shaped a gubernatorial election in California, and arguably set in motion a sea change in political allegiances and presidential elections.

Hawkins of Los Angeles. That same year, the state's Unruh Civil Rights Act addressed fair housing but did not have any teeth.

The aggrieved party had to sue to get compensation. In , California Legislature passed and Governor Pat Brown signed the Rumford Fair Housing Act which outlawed restrictive covenants and the refusal to rent or sell housing on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, marital status, or physical disability.

In reaction to the Rumford Act, a well-funded coalition of realtors and landlords immediately began to campaign for a referendum that would amend the state Constitution to protect property owners' ability to deny minorities equal access to housing.

Known as Proposition 14 , it caused a storm of deep and bitter controversy across the state. The debate over Proposition 14 cultivated a whirlwind of information and misunderstanding, marked by angry exchanges on the merits, and running through the entire debate a plague of bitterness, ill feelings, and slurs.

On any given day, the effort to overturn the Rumford Act might involve highbrow jurisprudence, righteous indignation, or racial epithet. In many ways, the Rumford Act played as bawdy and violent as the land and mineral grabs of the original California Gold Rush: Rumford received an invitation to a stag dinner party—complete with one hour of "entertainment"—that was sponsored by the Associated Home Builders of the Greater East Bay; while across the state, pamphlets and pickets revealed the ugly fascist undercurrents of support for Proposition While conservatives such as Cardinal McIntyre of Los Angeles argued that blacks are "better off in Los Angeles than anywhere else", blacks knew that they were kept out of participating in the city's prosperity.

On May 26, , Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In August, , the Watts Riots broke out. According to later reports, the riot was a reaction to a long record of police brutality by the LAPD and other injustices suffered by blacks, including discrimination in jobs, housing, and education.

Reitman , ruled that Proposition 14 violated the State Constitution's provisions for equal protection and due process.

In , in Reitman v. Mulkey , the U. The last of the automobile factories shut down in the s; the tire factories and steel mills left earlier.

Most of the agricultural and dairy operations that were still prospering in the s have moved to outlying counties while the furniture industry has relocated to Mexico and other low-wage nations.

Aerospace production has dropped significantly since the end of the Cold War or moved to states with better tax conditions, and movie producers sometimes find cheaper places to produce films, television programs and commercials.

However, the film, television and music industries are still based in LA, which is home to large numbers of well-paid stars, executives and technicians.

The manufacture of clothing began on a large scale in the early 20th century. The fashion industry emerged in the s with an emphasis on sportswear and leisure clothing, and expanded after to second place behind New York.

It moved operations to Torrance in , because of easy access to port facilities and the LAX airport. In it announced it would move of its employees to Plano, Texas, near Dallas, to be closer to its American factories.

In , the equivalent of 7. International trade has generated hundreds of thousands of jobs in Southern California. Moving goods is now one of the largest industries in the region, one that helps provide low-cost imports to consumers across the country.

The ports are among the region's most valuable economic engines. The overall metropolitan LA economy was healthy and in just one five year boom period to attracted , working immigrants mostly from Asia and Mexico and about , workers from elsewhere in the U.

The jobs they were offered depended largely on their educational qualifications. At the same time, the number of immigrants from Mexico, Central America and Latin America has made Los Angeles a " majority minority " city that will soon be majority Latino.

The unemployment rate dropped from 6. The desire for residential housing in the downtown area has led to gentrification.

Historic commercial buildings have been renovated as condos while maintaining the original outside design , and many new apartment and condominium towers and complexes are being built.

Since the s, there's been an increasing gap between the rich and the poor , making Los Angeles one of the most socioeconomically divided city in the United States.

By the end of the 20th century, some of the annexed areas began to feel cut off from the political process of the megalopolis, leading to a particularly strong secession movement in the San Fernando Valley and weaker ones in San Pedro and Hollywood.

The referendums to split the city were rejected by voters in November Many communities in Los Angeles have changed their ethnic character over this period of time.

For many decades, the population was predominantly white and mostly American-born until the late 20th Century. While the Latino community within the City of Los Angeles was once centered on the Eastside , it now extends throughout the city.

The San Fernando Valley, which represented a bastion of white flight in the s and provided the votes that allowed Sam Yorty to defeat the first election run by Tom Bradley , is now as ethnically diverse as the rest of the city on the other side of the Hollywood Hills.

The population of Los Angeles reached more than , with the census Los Angeles Evening Express , October 1, , more than a million in , more than two million in , and more than 3 million in The first Chinese arrived in Los Angeles in Henry Huntington came to value their expertise as engineers.

He later said he would not have been able to build his portion of the transcontinental railroad without them. Others moved to Chinatowns in the cities.

Most worked as launderers, cooks and fruit and vegetable growers and sellers. The thriving Chinatown , on the eastern edge of the Plaza, was the site of terrible violence on October 24, A gunfight between rival tongs resulted in the accidental death of a white man.

This enraged the bystanders, and a mob of about Anglos and Latinos descended on Chinatown. They randomly lynched 19 Chinese men and boys, only one of whom may have been involved in the original killing.

Homes and businesses were looted. Only ten rioters were tried. Eight were convicted of manslaughter, but their convictions were overturned the following year on a legal technicality.

This Chinese Massacre of was the first time that Los Angeles was reported on the front pages of newspapers all over the world, even crowding out reports of the Great Chicago Fire , which had taken place two weeks earlier.

While the Los Angeles Star went so far to call the massacre "a glorious victory", others fretted about the city's racist and violent image.

With the coming economic opportunities of the railroads, city fathers set themselves to wipe out mob violence. Their efforts, however, led to more restrictive measures against the Chinese.

In —79, the City Council passed several measures adversely affecting Chinese vegetable merchants. The merchants went on strike.

Los Angeles went without vegetables for several weeks, finally bringing the city to the bargaining table. Historian William Estrada wrote: The strike was a sign that Los Angeles was undergoing dramatic social, economic, and technological change and that the Chinese were a part of that change.

Since when the immigration laws were liberalized, Los Angeles has emerged as a major center of the Korean American community. Its "Koreatown" is often seen as the "overseas Korean capital.

After the riots many relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area. According to Park the violence against Korean Americans in stimulated a new wave of political activism among Korean Americans, but it also split them into two main camps.

The "liberals" sought to unite with other minorities in Los Angeles to fight against racial oppression and scapegoating.

The "conservatives," emphasized law and order and generally favored the economic and social policies of the Republican Party.

The conservatives tended to emphasize the political differences between Koreans and other minorities, specifically blacks and Hispanics. The younger generation especially realized they had been too uninvolved in American politics, and the riot shifted their political attention from South Korea to conditions in the United States.

The labor vacuum created by the Chinese Exclusion Act of was filled by Japanese workers and, by , the settlement known as " Little Tokyo " had risen next to Chinatown.

Most of the adults lacked United States citizenship. It was disrupted in with all the residents moved to relocation camps inland in the Japanese American internment.

During the years between the two world wars, Los Angeles' Asian American community also included small clusters of Korean Americans and Filipinos , the latter filling the void which followed the exclusion of the Japanese in The influx of immigrants from the Philippines , Korea, Taiwan, the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia has led to the development of identifiable enclaves such as Koreatown in the central city and Samoans in Wilmington and a Thai neighborhood in Hollywood.

Los Angeles was founded by settlers who were predominantly of African descent, and the city had 2, Black Americans in By this grew to approximately 15, In , the city had the highest percentage of black home ownership in the nation, with more than 36 percent of the city's African-American residents owning their own homes.

Du Bois described L. That changed in the s when restrictive covenants that enforced segregation became widespread.

Blacks were mostly confined along the South Central corridor, Watts, and small enclaves in Venice and Pacoima, which received far fewer services than other areas of the city.

After World War II, the city's black population grew from 63, in to , a decade later as many continued to flee from the South for better opportunities.

By , Los Angeles had the fifth largest black population in the United States, larger than any city in the South. Still, they remained in segregated enclaves.

The Supreme Court banned the legal enforcement of race-oriented restrictive covenants in the Shelley v. The Fonda Theatre, Nov 12 - 15, Ghost The Forum, Nov 16, Good Charlotte Hollywood Palladium, Nov 21, Kiiara Regent Theatre, Nov 21, Kiiara Galaxy Theater, Nov 19, Minus the Bear Glass House, Dec 8, Shakey Graves The Wiltern, Dec 4, Billy Gibbons Troubadour, Nov 18, Cat Power Ace Hotel, Nov 21, Cat Power Galaxy Theater, Nov 23, Circa Survive Hollywood Palladium, Nov 14, Circa Survive House of Blues, Nov 16, Elle King Belasco Theater, Nov 12, Elvis Costello The Wiltern, Nov 29, Elvis Costello House of Blues, Nov 28, Gucci Mane Club Nokia, Nov 24, Masego The Fonda Theatre, Nov 18, Soja Galaxy Theater, Nov 10, TroyBoi Club Nokia, Nov 16, Marc Anthony The Forum, Dec 2, Petula Clark Saban Theater, Dec 1, Petula Clark The Rose, Dec 2, Queen Naija Roxy Theatre, Dec 3, She and Him The Wiltern, Dec 6 - 7, Foreigner The Show, Nov 10, Aaron Lewis House of Blues, Dec 6, Tash Sultana Shrine Auditorium, Dec 1, Alejandro Fernandez The Forum, Nov 11, David Crosby Grove of Anaheim, Nov 13, Jake Shimabukuro Cerritos Center, Nov 30, Korpiklaani Regent Theatre, Nov 18, Maxwell Microsoft Theater, Nov 10, Jonny Lang Canyon Club, Dec 2, Blues Traveler Belasco Theater, Nov 13, Brockhampton Shrine Expo Center, Nov 28 - 29, Cherub Mayan Theatre, Nov 15, Crush The Wiltern, Nov 28, Day6 Club Nokia, Nov 18, Egor Kreed Club Nokia, Nov 19, Intocable Dolby Theatre, Nov 10, Johnny Mathis The Show, Nov 17, Jorja Smith The Wiltern, Nov 26 - 27, Khruangbin The Wiltern, Nov 11, Kodaline Belasco Theater, Nov 14, Reik Dolby Theatre, Nov 30, Thrice The Wiltern, Nov 18, Thrice House of Blues, Nov 17, Los Lobos Club Nokia, Dec 7, Neko Case Orpheum Theater, Dec 7, Il Divo Dolby Theatre, Dec 15, Fleetwood Mac The Forum, Dec 11 - 15, Elton John Staples Center, Jan 22 - 30, Elton John The Forum, Feb 1 - 2, Bob Seger The Forum, Feb 23, Pink The Forum, Apr 19, Eric Church Staples Center, May 17 - 18, Barry Manilow The Show, Dec 16, Thom Yorke Orpheum Theater, Dec 19 - 20, Kelly Clarkson Staples Center, Jan 26, Massive Attack Hollywood Palladium, Mar 29 - 30, Ozzy Osbourne Hollywood Bowl, Jul 29, Shawn Mendes Staples Center, Jul 5, Backstreet Boys Staples Center, Aug 3, Tenacious D Hollywood Palladium, Dec 21, Travis Scott The Forum, Dec 19 - 20, Calibash Staples Center, Jan 19, Dawes Orpheum Theater, Jan 19, Valley Performing Arts Center, Jan 26, Kacey Musgraves Ace Hotel, Feb 14 - 15, Lukas Graham The Wiltern, Feb 28, Nick Mason The Wiltern, Mar 16, Michael Buble Staples Center, Apr 2, Perfume Ace Hotel, Apr 19, Chris Tomlin Hollywood Bowl, May 4, David Gray Orpheum Theater, Jun 28, Mark Knopfler Greek Theater, Sep 22, Sarah Brightman Dolby Theatre, Mar 10, Amine Club Nokia, Dec 13, Amine Galaxy Theater, Dec 12, Atreyu House of Blues, Dec 13, Big Gigantic Club Nokia, Dec 15, Erykah Badu Club Nokia, Dec 27, Ministry The Fonda Theatre, Dec 20 - 21, Odesza Club Nokia, Dec 30, Calpurnia Galaxy Theater, Jan 6, Disturbed The Forum, Jan 11, Kris Kristofferson Ace Hotel, Jan 20, The Infamous Stringdusters Troubadour, Jan 16, Cypress Hill House of Blues, Feb 19, Noname The Wiltern, Feb 21, Van Morrison The Wiltern, Feb 5 - 6, Beirut The Wiltern, Mar 5, Cypress Hill The Wiltern, Mar 23, James Bay The Wiltern, Mar 25, Joe Jackson Orpheum Theater, Mar 8, Matt Nathanson Galaxy Theater, Mar 23, Toni Braxton Microsoft Theater, Mar 3, Carrie Underwood Staples Center, Sep 12, Tommy Emmanuel Saban Theater, Dec 14, Styx Grove of Anaheim, Jan 18, Styx Saban Theater, Jan 19, The Temptations Cerritos Center, Jan 11, Cavetown Troubadour, Feb 14 - 16, Arlo Guthrie Cerritos Center, Mar 15, Queensryche The Fonda Theatre, Mar 28, MercyMe Microsoft Theater, Apr 5, The Temptations Saban Theater, Apr 13, The Temptations The Rose, Apr 14, Smokey Robinson Cerritos Center, Dec 29, David Bromberg Regent Theatre, Jan 17, Paul Anka Saban Theater, Feb 2, Rick Springfield Saban Theater, Feb 9, Switchfoot The Wiltern, Apr 5, Robin Trower The Wiltern, May 4, Olafur Arnalds Orpheum Theater, Feb 1, Yann Tiersen Greek Theater, May 10, Kurt Vile The Wiltern, Dec 11, Los Lobos Galaxy Theater, Dec 27 - 28, The Lettermen Cerritos Center, Dec 16, Bayside Glass House, Jan 17, Bayside Troubadour, Jan 18, Chris Botti The Wiltern, Jan 26, Parquet Courts Club Nokia, Jan 23, Parquet Courts Galaxy Theater, Jan 22, Blackberry Smoke House of Blues, Feb 1, Guster Galaxy Theater, Feb 2, Lauren Daigle Orpheum Theater, Feb 24, The Kooks Hollywood Palladium, Feb 12, Frankie Valli Saban Theater, Mar 1, Metric and Zoe Hollywood Palladium, Mar 6, Metric and Zoe House of Blues, Mar 9, Air Supply Saban Theater, Apr 5, Tower of Power The Rose, Apr 19, Hermans Hermits Canyon Club, Jun 2, Hermans Hermits Saban Theater, Jun 1, Hermans Hermits The Rose, Sep 1, Gino Vannelli Saban Theater, Oct 12, Brian Wilson Cerritos Center, Dec 21, We sell primary, discount and resale tickets which may be priced above or below face value.

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Click the casino dresden postplatz to listen. Yes, we did have a great product los angeles casino parship email adresse very talented hosts, most of whom I hired. The pobladores were given title to their land two years later. Los Angeles still has the largest black population of any city in the Western United States. Railroads finally arrived to connect with the Central Pacific and San Francisco in Some 1, dock workers were corralled in a special stockade in Griffith Park. Day6 Club Nokia, Nov 18, I listened everyday for the signal coming on. It wo kann ich eine paysafecard kaufen a magic hour! Soja Galaxy Theater, Nov 10,

Any LARP interested in knowing more about solar and saving the planet, shoot me a note at bill. Jillian Barberie is headed into surgery this morning.

On Twitter she wrote: Ready for today as ready as I can be! Thanks for the love and support!! My friend Kathleen is going to stay with me during surgery.

Joel Denver has evacuated his AllAccess Malibu office due to the shifting winds in the fire that is headed for the ocean Whitney Allen writes a frightening account of the fire: Edited to add when they cut power and we don't know when.

We could not get info. Did not know it had jumped the lake so in two cars with 4 furbabes we drove out — and I thought we were going to die.

Flames both sides of the road. Embers all over the car- burning branches. I thought we were goners. Pray for our neighbors. I think they all left before us.

November 8, When Jim Duncan was a year-old teenager in San Diego, his naval officer father brought home a transistor radio from Tokyo.

After being inspired by Wolfman Jack, Duncan became a disc jockey. I still miss Mr. I was going through some boxes, I found this rare bumper sticker.

More TV for Ryan. The show, Work Wife , is described as an ensemble comedy "that explores the dynamics surrounding people's 'work spouses,' who have very few boundaries with each other, and how that impacts their relationships with everyone else.

He wrote on Facebook: She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is having surgery this Friday. You can follow her journey on Twitter askjillian.

He died on July 19, in Sherman Oaks of natural causes. John was born in in Cohoes, New York. He got his initial on-air experience on the campus station while attending Hudson Valley.

In , the lure of Hollywood drew him to Southern California. And he worked on many tv shows. For the last 14 years of his life, John was employed at the law office of Richard M.

He was quirky, opinionated, interesting, passionate and lovable, always smiling or grinning. Bring stories of the run-ins, burn-outs, close calls and Runyonesque characters he encountered in LA.

In , he moved to KFI where he worked as a street reporter, anchor, then news director from I also got to work alongside some legendary radio personalities as a newscaster.

Eighty thousand people were evacuated because of the potential for disaster. Mike became internationally known for his reporting on in about David and Sharon Schoo, a couple who left their four- and nine-year-old children to fend for themselves back in their Illinois home while the parents took a nine-day Christmas vacation in Mexico.

It was as if the movie Home Alone became realilty. His writing had a touch of poetry, which he delivered in that beautiful baritone.

And he was such a cherished presence in our newsroom — wise and wickedly funny. The C-word has struck one of our own and she has been very open on social media over the weekend.

Test results confirmed that she has cancer in her right breast. Then tackle the lymph node. She died November 3, at the age of Ramona is the daughter of an Orthodox Jewish mother and a physics professor who was Roman Catholic.

She said she was raised to be aware of inequality and discrimination. She thought she was going to be an actress, a veterinarian or a teacher.

Instead, she became a model after graduating from Hunter College in , and soon married. She pursued volunteer work editing a newsletter for the New York Civil Liberties Union, raised funds and organized new chapters.

Married five times, she ran one of the 53 affiliates and chapters that make up the ACLU's national organization. Nice way to remind their listeners about the clock ahead change.

The notion that the 'hard right' started building any sort of infrastructure to take over AM Talk is ridiculous.

Commercial radio is, and always was, about building listenership. That's what gets the advertiser dollars flowing, pays the talent, and keeps the station on the air.

If a significant portion of the population listens to your station, it's because you're airing things they want to hear.

Rush Limbaugh didn't take over or commandeer anything; he simply found a listener base whose views coincided with his, at a time when major newspapers and the burgeoning hour tv news market were increasingly slanting left.

Sure, AM Talk has some. Even used-car dealerships still air ads that shout at you [I should know, I voice a lot of them].

As for a 'toxically white' landscape, can we please get past the insertion of color into every topic? Riddle me this, Ms.

Or Vietnamese-, Iranian-, Mandarin-language stations, et al? There's not a single spot on the dial that has the perfect percentage of every nationality or racial origin.

Even the long-departed left-leaning Air America, which likely would've survived had it found listeners, was predominantly white. But was it 'toxically white,' or is that phrase reserved just for conservatives?

There are certain aspects of the old AM band that I miss too, but time marches on. But music—for the most part—moved to fm, and accordingly, AM's revised formats found new listeners.

To claim that the remaining AM music stations are 'tainted by association' is just sad. My everyday car is a Ford with its original vacuum-tube AM radio, so that's what I listen to on the road.

The only 'taint' I'm sensing is AM's time-honored signal fade when I drive under an overpass. Thanks, as always, for the 50, watt blowtorch known as LARadio.

I seem to remember that it was Brother John that voice tracked that. It was basically 'that was the Stones, now here are the Beatles.

After a Beatles song, 'that was the Beatles and here are the Stones' followed by a Stones song. They were all said in various ways by Brother John.

The station was supposed to start a few weeks later than it did, but Norm Pattiz got word another station was going to try to jump the gun on the format.

He called me at three in the afternoon the day before the 5 a. My engineering partner, Jeff Park , lugged all sorts of musical instruments to the studio [guitars, keyboards, drums, etc.

With the help of Westwood One Production stud, Ron Harris , finding several air check pieces, Jeff and I, with the help of a 12 pack of beer, a bottle of tequila, and few smokables, spent the night in studio A at WWO in Culver City and created the opening.

We drove the master to building 2, a few blocks away, and the location of the Pirate Radio Studios at 4: I can only imagine what we looked like.

We handed the tape to Ron. Norm came out to my black Bronco and invited Jeff and I to come join the crowd having a pre-start champagne party.

We turned down him down and drove back to building 1, sat in the parking lot, fired up and shared the last beer. We sat in the Bronco and listened with pride our creation.

He said it had to be one of those two stations because when he was growing up in Palos Verdes, these were the only stations he listened to.

Born in North Dakota, he grew up in Seattle. In , John graduated with a divinity degree from Pacific Lutheran University in Washington before his ordination as a Lutheran minister.

John was one of the first people to utilize rock music in religious radio programs. He began his radio work in Minneapolis, where he taped a Christian rock show called "Silhouettes" from a church basement.

The show became so popular that it was nationally syndicated. John was then appointed director of the American Lutheran Church's national tv, radio and film department.

He continued to work in commercial radio. Doctors predicted that he would never be able to talk again. However, with therapy he rejoined KRTH in He had come full circle.

He had to voice track his show between records during his relearning period. Dave was no exception when it came to sharing an amazing fact.

Roberts, holding a Ph. We all come with a bias but when an outsider is in town for an event — like the World Series — they listen to radio without prejudice.

Blogger George Johns, who has been a successful programmer in many markets was in the Basin for baseball. He made some observations about what he heard.

The god damn brand managers? The exalted market manager? Some highly placed corporate programming guru ruling from afar?

How the mighty have fallen in Tampa. Even if you are not in radio, you have probably read about Bubba the Love Sponge connected with a Hulk Hogan sex video.

The commercials were so successful that stand-up comics all over the country did take-offs and parodies. Bruce died November 20, , of cancer. Some are so unique and quirky, and each has a story to tell.

It was mostly done by phone and old-fashioned mail. Today it is easier with a Google search. For my books, I never found Al Wisk. And guess who I end up sitting next to?

He had flown in from Dallas to join Roger in the celebration. Since , Al has been a lawyer. I was interested to learn about his broadcast career.

Tom Hemingway of the Detroit Pistons was also a mentor. He also wrote for the Ann Arbor News. My last football broadcast in Dallas was Super Bowl X.

The tapes of my Super Bowl broadcast were smuggled into the U. Embassy in Tehran during the Iran Hostage Crisis.

Al decided to go to law school in Dallas at SMU. They were considering a number of Hollywood actors. My former agent was pitching one of them.

He would love to hear from colleagues and fans from his time in LARadio. He can be reached at: KABC fell another tenth of a share and ranks Here are the Top 40 stations for October ' We're proud of all of them!

The old-timer said something like this to Mr. I know a blind man is crossing the street by the tapping of his cane on the asphalt.

Perhaps I just did not meet their standards. Remember, I moved on purpose to a market smaller than yours. More fun, more freedom.

The blaring sound of the steamship horn provided the romance of being aboard and seeing this lanky 6 foot, 5-inch-tall personality who made the voyage daily and conducted interviews from the under deck as they crossed the channel.

He called them man-on-the-deck interviews. Every day was a fantasy while listening on my transistor radio as Carl made the mile trek to Santa Catalina.

Carl has a commemorative plaque on the island. KBIG's studios were located 16 miles up in the hills of Catalina.

Each dj was given his own 4-wheel jeep by the company to make the daily drive up and down from the station. Carl was also program director of KBIG.

In the mids he switched to news. Also helping establish the station 26 miles across the sea was John Poole.

At the time, Los Angeles County had more than 20 radio stations and seven tv stations. Few believed the region needed yet another radio station.

During his more than two decades as a broadcasting company owner, Poole played a major role in founding nine radio stations and four television stations.

In , Poole left behind his career as a pioneer communicator, leaving behind his interest in 13 radio and tv stations, and sold KBIG.

He then purchased and planted an acre parcel of land in Temecula, harvesting premium varietal grapes. By , he constructed Mount Palomar Winery.

It took six years for those vines to mature and for Poole to produce his first vintage under the Mount Palomar Winery label.

The family has grown the ranch to 92 acres and garnered hundreds of top awards in domestic and international competitions. John wanted to establish a new agricultural business natural for his family.

His son Peter took over operation of the Winery in John died on Christmas Day , at the age of In fact, the opening of the theatre was within weeks of the stock market crash.

The headline in the Tom Hoffarth penned story declared: Hoffarth cites missed calls, wrong calls and an interminable pause in his delivery.

The host for the screening, NewFilmmakers Los Angeles, is a non-profit c 3 organization designed to showcase innovative works by emerging filmmakers from around the world.

The challenge of making a living by hosting a podcast was further put in flux, as described in a story from Chicago.

The first-ever major live awards event, voted by the listeners to honor the very best in podcasting,will span 22 categories and honor the most entertaining and innovative podcasts of , while giving listeners the opportunity to decide the winners in 17 of the 22 categories.

We are trying hard to do great work, and to be acknowledged for that is a real treat. The company has posted openings for two part-time traffic anchors at the Long Beach studios and one in San Diego.

All applications must be submitted through that site — applicants should NOT contact management directly regarding this opportunity.

This is our year. The owner will use the diet of Christmas music to get attention. Keffury also did weekends. The unit was filled with assorted radio, tv and entertainment people.

I can't remember the exact years, but I do remember the people. Their song was I Got You Babe. So many faces and so many great friends were made for life back then.

The big question is: What ever happened to Arlen Sanders? Moreland, Budnik and Eubanks. Yeah baby, you left a deep mark on hundreds of us!

They are now in their Beta testing stage and will be soon ready to fly. Craig Horowitz's excellent book chronicles Minyard's impressive run in L.

I've never heard of him except when LARP's mention him, but he sounds like a fascinating person. And a great storyteller. Shamelessly, I never got tired of going to the museum, walking up to the Trigger exhibit and hearing my own production of Roy talking about his beloved four-legged friend.

The Rogers were beyond heroes, they were American Icons that showed the way for billions of kids. I always considered it repaying a childhood debt.

When Dale passed, I did the music for her service. One of the most amazing moments we have ever experienced happened upon leaving her memorial and heading West towards L.

It had rained that afternoon, however the clouds cleared and now the skyline was like a vivid Maxfield Parrish painting … the huge amazing clouds had separated with a golden shaft of light beaming through all the way to the ground.

It was a breathtaking and magnificent Western way for Dale to depart but I think she may have had a little help.

These days I celebrate my 50th year in broadcasting, and we live up North in Grass Valley three miles out of town in the middle of the cedar forest.

His specialty store just celebrated its first anniversary. Bill sells hundreds of records, CDs, cassettes, posters, T-shirts, and other music related merchandise.

The Beach Reporter newspaper gave us a nice shout out. His program, continually running for the past three decades, was heard on LARadio on various stations over the decades, most recently on KFWB.

Plus being on over 1, stations in the collective over the years, I am humbled by the support of so many station managers and program directors.

The invitation came from Joe Buck, the lead announcer for Fox Sports. Since this project started in the early s, we think we are up to date with everyone but clearly know that is not the case.

It only takes an email to update yourself or someone you know. He died July 19, after a lengthy illness. The nuns at his school corroborated his belief.

His career aptitude test results had confirmed as much. It wasn't until Pickens, as an Oklahoma State University engineering student, filled in one night for an absent disc jockey at the campus radio station that his future course was set.

Pickens felt right at home in front of a mike. And with his natural charm and quick wit, he was soon on his way to radio stardom. By the mids, the rising radio personality would find himself spinning the latest pop hits for millions of listeners, including work in the San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles and New York City, winning wide acclaim in the process.

He would spend nearly 30 years in the industry. Pickens eventually moved back to Oklahoma and made his home in Tulsa, where he worked in local radio until retiring in the s.

He said they were thugs. He broke an ankle and shattered both knees. But he finished the show before seeking medical attention, his wife said.

From face-to-face interviews with famous stars to skydiving and driving race cars for radio promotional stunts, Pickens loved every aspect of the business.

Click the artwork to listen. Have been in the hospital five times since but mostly OK since August I was so long-winded he ended up turning it into two podcasts.

Proving that LARPs come in shapes, sizes, and colors, Johnny provides a first for us as he reveals all in a new book.

He boasts to be very blessed. Johnny started his broadcast career in in the then-territory of Alaska. In the mids he was producing commercial spots.

Born in Buffalo, Johnn spent all his school years in Akron, Ohio. I had a 92nd birthday, a 67th wedding anniversary, continued good health and I finished my book, which was published a few months ago.

We spend the last half of every day together. Yes, she still knows me, is still my favorite conversationalist, has a great sense of humor, we chat, have dinner together, wheelchair around the acreage, I tuck her in for the night, read to her and sneak back to my digs when she goes to sleep.

Jo-Ann was diagnosed more than 10 years ago, by comparison Peter Falk died in six months. I got married there and we had Gloria there.

We all lost our beloved middle one, Emily, to cancer in Both times for Radio station employment. That was Las Vegas at its best.

Brunches and celebrity shows were unbelievably cheap, before the city with its burgeoning population and big-city behavior gradually took the town over.

The prices went up and the bad guys disappeared. We moved to San Diego and L. We misunderstood verb each other. We finally wised up and talked and got remarried.

The word, cross-dresser is in the book a lot, the word transvestite, not a whole bunch. Nobody got mad or disappointed at anybody. I wish I could have made this shorter.

Gunn with Tom Patterson You can reach out to John at: A year after she helped ignite the MeToo movement by publicly accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment, Mira Sorvino is in the middle of a long-fought comeback with a starring role in the tech drama "Startup.

In , two best friends went to their first concert together to see their favorite band: Twenty years later, they see them live again and wonder if it's good to meet your heroes.

Skip to content Advertisement. Hero Complex Westworld, Ho! Inside Evermore, where the future of theme parks is not about rides but play.

Mira Sorvino on 'Startup' and the cost of saying MeToo A year after she helped ignite the MeToo movement by publicly accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment, Mira Sorvino is in the middle of a long-fought comeback with a starring role in the tech drama "Startup.

The best of times, the worst of times: Art in the age of rising white supremacy. They bonded over their love for Hanson. Twenty years later they reunite for the concert of their teen dreams In , two best friends went to their first concert together to see their favorite band: In revealing new memoir, Michelle Obama candidly shares her story.

Satanic Temple sues over goat-headed deity's portrayal in Netflix's 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina'. Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp are engaged after a roller-coaster relationship.

A Star Is Born: Susan Tedeschi turns 48 today. Kathy Griffin announces a friendly split from boyfriend Randy Bick. George Clooney is auctioning his Harley: Netflix, like its 'Mowgli' trailer, looking for its place in theatrical jungle.

Missy Elliott makes history as first female rapper nominated for Songwriters Hall of Fame. No problem — there will be plenty of audience favorites at the Oscars.

Netflix, Filmstruck and the fuzzy future of classic movies. Ingmar Bergman documentary covers the Swedish director's genius, quirks and faults.

Thanksgiving shenanigans set the table for the frantic and warm coming-out comedy 'Lez Bomb'. Twenty years later they reunite for the concert of their teen dreams.

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